Advertising exchange

We are looking for travel industry cooperation

And cooperation, you can get:

1. Exchange of links between the two websites (see "Partners" for details)

2. Apple Pig will organize marketing promotion activities (overseas promotion, online promotion) from time to time, and promote the travelers who cooperate with us.

cooperation method:

1. Provide your company's product experience → Our company will assist your company to promote to overseas travel agencies and write articles

2. Provide your company's product experience volume (accommodation voucher) and use the online lottery gift

3. For other cooperation methods, please contact the business.


Apple Pig Chartered Travel Marketing Promotion Promotion Program

First, the website interchange link

Become a partner of Apple Pig, we will put your company's logo on the Apple Pig homepage or reservation page "Partners" area, please also put our logo on the home page or inside page of your company's official website.

Benefits: Increase exposure, guests will also browse travelers who cooperate with us when purchasing our chartered service. System 2017 / 08 / 10 is online, the current average daily visitors is about 100/day, and marketing activities will continue. It is expected that after three months, the daily visitors will reach 200/day or more.

Second, business recommendation

Apple Pig will promote our company's itinerary everywhere, and will also help to promote our partners to domestic and foreign travel agencies and passengers.

Third, write an accommodation experience article, do google advertising

Please provide a room for the blogger/author to experience the experience, we will write it as an accommodation experience article, published on the Apple Pig website and Facebook fan page, and assist your company to promote the promotion of Google keyword advertising; please also provide Accommodation roll, used as sweepstakes.