Taichung Mystery

7th, Sep 2018

Taichung has many dreamy secrets hidden in the suburbs and a unique style of museum style. The most popular is the mystery of Taichung - the snowy wood of the wooden snow spring leisure farm is exquisite, paved by soft white snowballs, the picture is still like snowy scenery, extraordinarily romantic and warm...



★(1) Mystery in Taichung - Sharu Nine-Day Black Forest

(Independent wedding dress by Cincinnclair)

Mystery in Taichung - Shalu Nine-Day Black Forest is one of the first choices for wedding photography in Taiwan. This 9-day forest is located in the bamboo forest of Tailu Shalu, strolling between the mysterious Black Forest and surrounded by towering groups. Wood, each tree has a three-story view at first glance. On the Internet, you can see the sun in the jungle. There is a mysterious dream in a fairy tale. The most comfortable in the forest is the breeze, the secret of Taichung - Shalu nine-day black forest, very suitable for parents and friends to go and feel the nature of the forest paradise bathing.



★(2) Mystery in Taichung - Beizhou Intercontinental Baseball Creative Park

(by Cindy's Secret Garden)

Mystery in Taichung - Northern is Intercontinental Baseball Creative Park is a baseball field that combines multicultural Wenchuang Park. The biggest highlight of the park is the appearance of the white egg body as the main week. The most beautiful paintings with surrounding changes, the natural and beautiful forest is dotted with trees, making the design look more fashionable and ingenious. Taichung Secret - North The Intercontinental Baseball Heritage Park has a baseball story library, a baseball store and a Macaron container house series.



★(3) Taichung Secret - Eastern District Xintiandi Western Museum

(by Cindy's Secret Garden)

Mystery in Taichung - The Western Museum of Xintiandi in the Eastern District, where you can enjoy the design of ancient Western design in the ancient buildings of the European and American century, you can see the design of the unique, high-ceilinged ceiling, a novel 3D painting European medieval architecture, no aristocratic atmosphere, the mystery of Taichung - Oriental Xintiandi Western Museum, in addition to the museum exhibiting many ancient artifacts of the European century, the second main axis is the dining area, want to feel the dining atmosphere of European nobility, do not Come here to try afternoon tea and meal.



★(4) Secrets of Taichung - Waipu Forgotten Valley Cosmos

(by Cindy's Secret Garden)

Mystery in Taichung - Waipu Forget Valley Cosmos Chrysanthemum, this beautiful flower sea, has different flower festivals in different seasons, and it is also a popular wedding photography spot like the nine-day forest! The most striking feature is the cosmic sea. You can see the pink and purple flower waves and the different colors of the flower design, making the flower sea season full of vitality. The secret to Taichung - Waipu melancholy cosmos flower see here Flowers suggest that you park your car on the asphalt road outside and walk in! There is also a sunflower flower season to enjoy the hustle and bustle.



★(5) Secrets of Taichung - Houli Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market

(Zhongshan Sightseeing Flower Market Officer)

Taichung Secret - Houli Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market, there are three areas, namely barbecue area barbecue area, Huahai area and basin area. The most beautiful scenery of this class is in the Huahai District ~ summer tickets are about NT$60. We can enjoy special flowers such as vine flowers, roses, cockscombs and zinnias. Combining green plants and flowers, the flower viewing space is very fresh. This is the dream of Taichung. It was introduced to the mysterious Taichung - another complex area and basin area of ​​the Zhongli Sightseeing Flower Market. ) - There are different seasons of flowers to choose from and decorate your beautiful home. (Barbecue area) Enjoy a barbecue barbecue fee of about NT$300!



★(6) Taichung Secret - Green Garden Road, Tan Yashen, Shenzhen

(by Bunny Xiaoan travel notes)

Taichung's mystery - Shengangtan Yashen Green Park Road, about 9 kilometers away, this unique secret is the bicycle scenery with the S-shaped curve along the stretch, riding a bicycle through the rice fields along the road With the beautiful scenery of the woods, I feel the special comfort of the city, let people forget the troubles of the city, see these green plants, and let the eyeballs relax extra. The secret of Taichung - Shenangtan Yashen Green Park Road is very suitable for parents and friends. 



★(7) Taichung Secretland - Qingshui Fengfeng Mountain Viewing Platform

(by sibia)

Taichung Mystery - Qingshui Fengfeng Mountain Viewing Platform, located above the Fengfengshan Park, where you can see the beautiful scenery of Taichung City in both day and night, especially the highlight of the city is the night view of the city. It is brightly lit and It is also a popular dating place. The length of the Qingshui Fengfeng Mountain viewing platform is about 45 meters. It is designed with white and wood as the base. The viewing platform is ingenious.



★(8) Taichung Secretland - Muxinquan Leisure Farm

(by udn blog - United News Network / Tianshengbao Family)

Taichung Mystery - Muxinquan Leisure Farm, this characteristic farm has different flower seasons throughout the year. Dreams are not afraid to fly in the secret world. There are fireworks from February to March and fireflies from April to May. Tung oil flower festival / May to August there is the Golden Needle season / December is the snow wood season, and Xiao Bian's favorite is Bai Xuemu, which is a soft white snowball paving. It is very romantic and warm. The location of the farm is in the mountains. The cool breeze of summer blew. Very comfortable. There are no pavilions and many pavilions in the park. When the weather is good, you can see the Taiwan Strait and thermal power plants. .