Taichung speciality restaurant

10th, Sep 2018

There are many special restaurants in Taichung such as the Dream Carousel Forest Department-themed Wen Qing Feng Restaurant and the Dream Maid Cosplay Dress Up clerk serving the afternoon tea restaurant featuring Taiwanese tea and desserts, as well as the cartoon nautical king series background theme restaurant.... Wait a minute, it’s quite worth visiting Taichung Pocket Specialties Restaurant



★(1) Taichung Special Restaurant - Jigong Tea Garden | Maid Restaurant

(by the sky of marshmallow)

Taichung specialty restaurant - Jigong Tea Garden | Maid Restaurant, a dreamy cute and charming personal maid, maid is a popular dress for many girls and girls, and a fantasy role for boys, as a sweet and sweet maid clerk When you are enjoying an afternoon tea meal, don’t you have a happy atmosphere~ Xiaobian special recommendation for tea cheesecake! Taichung speciality restaurant - Jigong Tea Garden has a rich tea of ​​about NT$70, and Tieguanyin is also very good.




★ (2) Taichung Special Restaurant - Lishui Wooden Hall | Carousel Dream Forest

(by traveler: City)

Taichung Special Restaurant - Lishui Wooden Hall | Carousel Dream Forest, located in the audit Xincun Park, today features a cute carousel and small squirrels and big squirrel dolls, using a lot of elegant dry flowers to make a dreamy match, as if In the world of fairy tales, the restaurant mainly sells snacks and drinks. The small series especially recommends this rabbit-style sandwich in the Taichung specialty restaurant - Lishui Mutang. The full cheese is served with bread and fried. The delicious taste is full of heart. Taichung's specialty restaurant, Lishui Wooden Hall, is here to remind you that there is no seat in the store, but you can go to the park to find a seat to enjoy yourself.



★(3) Taichung specialty restaurant-WOOH WOOH WOOH|Pink container house Wenqing Brunch

(by Cindy's Secret Garden)

Taichung specialty restaurant-WOOH WOOH WOOH|Pink container house Wenqing Brunch, this special restaurant in Wufeng District combines the current 3D three-dimensional painting, the interior decoration is also simple Japanese style, extra help Looking at it is a large container house with sweet powder. Every corner is very suitable for punching cards. The food in the store has brunch, light food, drinks, flavor meal, fried food, yoghurt, which is quite rich. There are also Italian pasta and stewed rice, Taichung specialty restaurant - WOOH WOOH WOOH | pink container house Wen Qing brunch, Xiao Bian also special love pigs in the shop, pork chops and flavored chicken wings, is not to listen to the menu name, Very attractive, let's go to the knife!



★(4) Taichung Special Restaurant - Taichung Navigation King Store|Restaurant

(by traveler: Via)

Taichung specialty restaurant - Taichung nautical king store | restaurant, introduced to this restaurant anime fans ridiculously crazy ~ nautical king is a cartoon memory of large and small friends, the store is divided into two districts for specialty stores and restaurants, about Some of the meals are carefully designed by the store, including Lufu Grilled Seafood Toast Taiwanese 179, Choba Marshmallow Jam Toast Taiwanese 169, etc. Each meal has a combination of the role of the Nautical King. And the arrangement, not only the meal decoration is beautiful and beautiful, but also delicious. - Taichung specialty restaurant - Taichung Navigation King store | Restaurant, Xiaobian especially loves their family's drinks, the variety is very rich, the color is also very colorful and different kinds of plum Fruit series drinks and sparkling water can be used together.




★ (5) Taichung specialty restaurant - Haidilao hot pot | see Chinese face show, massage, nail art

(by Haidilao Hot Pot FB)

Taichung specialty restaurant - Haidilao hot pot, Haidilao has branches in Taiwan and China. In the past few months, Haidilao has repeatedly boarded the news page in Taiwan. Why? Because you can enjoy the combination of fresh meat and seafood ingredients in the store, you can experience the combination of enjoyment, such as Chinese face show, massage, nail art, free service, whether it is in the gourmet restaurant market, go out Bright light ~ Taichung special restaurant - Haidilao hot pot for the customer's service, can be said to be meticulous, Xiaobian also like their current noodles, there will be professionals at the customer's table to do performances, come to Taiwan to eat hot pot Choose Taichung special gourmet restaurant Haidilao!



★(6) Taichung Specialty Restaurant - Kobayashi Chenshe | Sanheyuan Specialties

(by full-scale travel notes)

Taichung speciality restaurant - Kobayashi Chenshe | Sanheyuan specialties, come to Taichung Wuri, this beautiful retro courtyard, see Taiwan's early courtyard house architecture style, do not have a quiet beauty away from the city, this is a courtyard house coffee house In addition to the delicious coffee and tea in the store, the Taichung specialty restaurant - Xiaolin Chenshe also has delicious ice cream brownie, cold tea is the signature of the store, friends who like to take pictures can also record the floor of the courtyard Big lollipop painting and painting design outside the house!



★ (7) Taichung specialty restaurant - TWO rabbit CAFE | gorgeous night view Mini container cafe

(by the scent of caviar caviar PC+MOBILE)

Taichung specialty restaurant - TWO rabbit CAFE | gorgeous night view mini container cafe, Xiaobian introduced many Taichung special restaurants, and this landscape cafe in the mountains, has a special style, can be the lights in the big Taichung The beautiful night view is unobstructed, and the store uses a semi-industrial nostalgic style. The meals include fried food, drinks, pot noodles, ramen noodles and rice dishes. The Taichung speciality restaurant - TWO Rabbit CAFE With the rabbit as the storefront restaurant, you can also see the bunny jumping and jumping outside, feeling very warm and quiet.